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LILI MARLEEN, an impressive and elegant 249-ft luxury yacht built in Elsfleth, Germany is the perfect choice for a cruise off the pristine waters along the Straits of Malacca and the stunning coastal shores of Penang Island.


A luxury cruise, the Lili Marleen provides an ideal setting for a luxurious and comfortable sail to your desired destination. With elegant features and tastefully furnished cabins, you will be captivated with the pampering and service excellence on board the Lili Marleen where your perfect getaway and memorable experience begins.  


There is nothing like a cruise with the Lili Marleen! 


Promenade Deck

Main Deck

Deck Diagram

Savour and enjoy a quiet and relaxing lunch or dinner affair, with a selection of culinary delights, in grandeur and style on board the Lili Marleen. Enjoy an intimate and romantic dining experience whilst dining and enjoying the picturesque view of its surrounding and night skies at the Promenade Deck or just sip and relish a fine selection of wine or a cocktail at the Palaver Bar Deck and delight in the company of family and friends.



A casual indoor lounge with an interactive bar area where guests indulge in pre-dinner champagne and cocktails. An ideal spot for social gatherings or even a business meet up over a drink or two. 


Enjoy a relaxing and personalised dining experience with a variety of culinary offerings, from Western to Asian by our team of Chefs, together with a selection of premium wine, champagne or cocktails, all on board the Lili Marleen. 


Palaver Deck

Dine in elegant and stylish ambiance against the stunning views while cruising along the coastal shores of Penang Island. As you cruise along, savour a healthy and sumptuous breakfast or simply enjoy the tranquillity and calmness of the sound of the sea whilst dining under the stars.


Just sit back and sip on a mocktail while enjoying the immense beauty of the sunset hues into the night across Palaver Deck.

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